Scrip is a year-round fundraising program. To participate, simply order gift cards through the Band Parents. VWBP gets a discount on the cards, and the discounted $ amount goes to the band Student Activity Account of the designated student. Gift cards purchased are worth 100% of the purchased price.

Scrip Introductory PowerPoint (1:50 movie)

SCRIP FORMS (updated 11/8/2015)

How to Use the Scrip Order Form (cover sheet)

Scrip Form (both pages) (new 11/8/2015)

Our Scrip Order Forms lists cards frequently ordered and cards for businesses in our area. Other gift cards not listed are also available for order. (For example, Caribou Coffee). The form at the link below lists available cards, with percentages for the student's account. To order one of these cards, just write it on your form and include it in your totals.

Scrip Brand List (new November 2015)

Scrip Dates coming soon:


All questions regarding the Scrip program should be directed to Chris Gemmer at (419) 203-9954 (text acceptable).